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The Monaco Smart Yacht Rendezvous is a forum for these innovators to demonstrate their products, connect with the industry and inspire positive change.

As of 16.03.2023


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“We have been working on the virtuous marina concept for several years now. It is the deep conviction of all our employees that has enabled us to develop an expertise in this field, particularly regards water management. As living spaces, Smart Marinas that respect the environment must encourage emergence of new activities and services like Smart Cities do from which they take inspiration.”

José Marco Casellini

CEO of Monaco Marina Management
“The yachting industry is a vital economic force for Monaco, and a factor of attractiveness. In today’s world, the evolution of the sector is a priority for the country, with digital technology as the main asset. In four years, Monaco has built solid infrastructures to reinforce the new yachting generation in particular. Innovation in Smart Yachting must play a central role in our development and modernization while respecting the environment.”

Frédéric Genta

Chief Country Officer for Attractiveness and the Digital Transition
“Monaco has always been one of the top locations for yachting. The Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina is part of the Monaco, Capital of Advanced Yachting approach. We have a responsibility to encourage all initiatives towards a more eco-responsible yachting sector – for our planet, for the oceans and for future generations. A marina is one of the key elements of the yachting chain, a living space to welcome yachts, owners and their crews, a micro-city that interacts with the onshore and at sea environments and is looking to the future.”

Bernard d’Alessandri

General Secretary, Yacht Club de Monaco