Monaco Smart Yacht



3 International Awards

The Smart Innovative Yacht Awards are a symbol of achievement for startups, scalups & corporates pushing sustainability and the environmental compatibility of our industry forward.

calendar 2024

The Awards Timeline

1-30 January

Candidates submit their applications

From 23 January

Judges interview the shortlisted companies

6-10 March

The finalists (3 best projects in each category) are selected

22 March

Winners are announced at the ceremony during the event
international awards
international awards

All entries will be judged by an expert panel consisting of distinguished designers, engineers, suppliers and influential industry personalities.

The 3 finalists will be announced 10 days before the commencement of the event, and the winners will be crowned at the awards ceremony at the conclusion of the event

The selection process will be guided by the criteria that characterizes the highest standards of design and take into consideration the quality of form and functionality

Four award categories were selected by an independent Jury, made up of national and international experts from a variety of sectors (professional designers, sector journalists, university researchers, shipowners with keen knowledge of the sector, or representatives of bodies and institutes of the yachting industry) allowing for transversal consideration.