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Concrete solutions for sustainable yachting

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Concrete solutions for sustainable yachting

During the 6th Monaco Ocean Week, supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Monaco Marina Management (M3), a Monegasque company specialised in sustainable yachting, organised the 1st Monaco Smart Yacht Rendezvous at the Yacht Club de Monaco. HSH Prince Albert II came to kick off proceedings and meet the startups, scaleups and corporates there to present innovative solutions that can be adapted to superyachts.

Supported by the Prince Albert II Foundation, Credit Suisse and the MB92 Group shipyard, this event stands out for gathering the whole yachting ecosystem including major shipyards such as Sanlorenzo, Feadship, Oceanco and Lürssen, and designers like Dan Lenard and Espen Oeino, there to testify on how they are contributing to a transformation taking place in yachting. “The presence of so many major players shows their desire to provide a collective response to climate issues and encourage responsible innovation,” said José Marco Casellini, CEO of M3 (Monaco Marina Management).


The meeting’s originality and legitimacy rests on bringing the whole ecosystem together with an exhibition area where participants could discuss, share and present their solutions. There were also discussion panels and round tables such as the presentation by the MB92 Group of its third environmental report entitled “A collective effort for the oceans”.


Yacht: a life cycle under the microscope

Following the logic of always pushing the limits of design that is a feature of the superyacht market, builders need to rethink yachts to be sustainable and limit their impact on the planet. Faced with the emergence of eco-concerns, many yacht builders have been developing R&D expertise for tomorrow’s yachts. Yachting’s share of maritime transport’s greenhouse gas emissions is minimal, as Massimo Perotti, Sanlorenzo CEO, pointed out: “Shipping represents 1.7% of global emissions and yachting’s share is equivalent to 0.22% of that figure”.

For this first edition, the whole life cycle of a yacht was unpicked from R&D to its usage, maintenance and evolution. New propulsion solutions, choosing more eco-friendly materials, optimising energy use, water management, connectivity and safety were among topics discussed, a focus being to institute optimal operational conditions to prolong the yacht’s life cycle. With ecological awareness growing at the same rate as the urgency to act now, customer requests are tending towards new modes of propulsion. As a result, shipyards and engine manufacturers are investing in R&D of new green technologies. “We’ve noticed a sharp uptick in environmental awareness by the main protagonists, now it’s up to us to offer suitable solutions to back this commitment. We have to change fast and find many solutions. But it is essential to maintain this positive energy for owners and encourage them to be passionate about the oceans,” said Bernard d’Alessandri, YCM General Secretary.

Olivier Wenden, Vice President and CEO of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation: “YCM is taking the lead in sustainable yachting and doing a phenomenal job of hosting an event like this one. I would like to pay tribute to its involvement in promoting the environmental transition to the superyacht community”.

Ultimate objective: green yachting

A general observation by constructors is the growing demand from clients for green technologies, a mentality shift that will have an undeniable impact on ecosystems. “Our goal is to switch from hybrid diesel to methanol in under ten years with in particular a flexible modular engine room in terms of fuels – to be ready for the future energy transition with the possibility of being carbon neutral in 2030,” said Bram Jongepier, Senior Specialist, Studio De Voogt, Feadship. The superyacht industry is therefore being encouraged and forced to turn to more eco-friendly technologies to ensure its future, the sustainability of which depends on green actions. There is talk again now of refits. With green yachting asserting itself as the future, owners have to choose between becoming owner of a sustainable yacht or to renovate the one they have. A move that is now inevitable, as in five to ten years some regions, particularly coastal regions, will no longer be accessible to diesel powered vessels.

A unique selection process to foster synergies

In fact, discussions had already started before the event with 181 one-on-one interviews between 44 Jury members and 50 startups, scaleups and corporates from 24 nations selected by the team from Blumorpho, innovation for a sustainable economy experts, headed by Géraldine A. Gustin.

The quality of projects presented, particularly in the Startups category, was evident in the closeness of the votes during the deliberations. The Italians from Northern Light Composites (Nlcomp) won the Smart Innovative Yacht Award in this category for a recyclable composite that solves fibreglass end-of-life issues. “We are an innovative startup which developed R-Composite, a durable composite that guarantees end-of-life recyclability. R-Composite is the ideal candidate to replace the fibreglass composite, which is not easily recycled, resulting in the blades of boats (and wind turbines) being buried. With R-Composite, we are creating a fully circular economy,” explained Fabio Biglolini, CEO of Northern Light Composites.

In the Scaleups category, the British Lineat Composites topped the votes with their process to turn carbon fibre waste into carbon fibre tape, reintroducing it into the supply chain as a technical product. Gary Owen, CEO of Lineat Composites: “Winning this prestigious award means so much to the team. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate the truly unique properties of Lineat recycled carbon fibre. We have created a new material that can be incorporated into many products in maritime sectors including yachting, but also the automobile, aerospace and sports sectors”.

Marc Hervás, Sustainability Coordinator of the MB92 Group:With Lineat Composites and Nlcomp, winners of this event in their respective categories, the Jury has highlighted the importance of the circular economy in industry. Carbon fibre end-of-life has been a major problem for years in the nautical sector, and having a solution could be a game changer”.

Finally, in the Corporate category, French company Wisamo took the prize with its inflatable, retractable and automated wing for merchant ships and pleasure boats, an innovative solution that comes into its own in a fast changing climate. The system envisages a fuel saving of 20%. According to the engineers who designed it, it can be adapted to ro-ro vessels, bulk carriers, and gas and oil tankers, the wing either being installed at the design stage or retrofitted. Fabien Monin, Business Development at Wisamo said: “We are very honoured that shipping and yachting professionals appreciate our Wisamo wind propulsion innovation. We intend to contribute to decarbonising yachting and maritime transport in general”.

With its vision to promote innovative solutions and get the whole yachting ecosystem interacting, from yachts to the infrastructures that accommodate them, Monaco Marina Management invites all professionals to the 3rd Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous (24-25 September 2023). All these events are part of the collective Monaco, Capital of Advanced Yachting approach, the ambition of which is to position the Principality as a centre of excellence in this sector.

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Sustainability Solutions

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Following success of the first two Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous (next one 24-25 September 2023), M3 (Monaco Marina Management) has broadened its remit to promote progress on sustainability solutions for superyachts in organising the first Monaco Smart Yacht Rendezvous.

Dedicated to yachting industry players (boats 24m and over) and innovation companies keen to provide a collective response to climate issues, this Rendezvous is part of the Monaco, Capital of Advanced Yachting approach and supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco FoundationCredit SuisseMB92 Group, and innovation for a sustainable economy experts Blumorpho.


With the philosophy being to promote young companies offering new solutions across the whole life cycle of a yacht, the first edition gathers an ecosystem of players to collaborate on how to exploit innovative technologies that are driving sustainability. Naval architects, owners, captains and shipyards will join investors, startups, scaleups and innovation industrialists to act together. All those selected are referenced in an E-Catalogue presenting their solutions applicable to yachts.

To access the E-Catalogue, which references 50+ startups and scaleups, 20+ shipyards, architects & designers, engineering companies and 44 international Jury members:


Black Pearl boat Tom Van Oossanen

Promoting exchanges between innovation players and yachting professionals

Black Pearl boat Tom Van Oossanen

Promoting exchanges between innovation players
and yachting professionals


Thursday 16th February 2023. Following success of the first two editions of the Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous (next one 24-25 September 2023), marina experts M3 (Monaco Marina Management) have broadened their goal to promote sustainable solutions for the Luxury Yachting sector and boats over 24m with the first Monaco Smart Yacht Rendezvous.

Focused on getting yachting industry players (+24m boats) together with innovation players to drive a collective response to climate challenges, the Monaco Smart Yacht Rendezvous, organised during Monaco Ocean Week under the aegis of the ‘Monaco, Capital of Advanced Yachting’ approach, is supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Credit Suisse and the expertise of innovation for a sustainable economy specialists, Blumorpho.


Webinars: first discussions and contacts made

With the aim of promoting exchanges in the run up to the event, the Monaco Smart Yacht Rendezvous offers startups, scaleups and innovation companies the opportunity to meet online to gain a better understanding of all aspects relating to a yacht’s life cycle from R&D to its usage, maintenance and dismantling.

Speaking in turn Marc Hervás, Sustainability Coordinator at MB92 Group, world leader for superyacht refits, repairs and maintenance committed to sustainability, and new technologies for yachting consultant, Laurent Pérignon, these first discussions helped pinpoint the yachting sector’s needs. “Our fleet can be improved in many areas like water treatment, energy efficiency and propulsion systems” says Marc Hervás. “All eyes are on the sector and we have to be proactive and lead change. Companies that want to engage should work on a sustainable development strategy. This should include scope for the creation of partnerships and alliances as they are key to progression towards sustainability.” Every year, more than 500 yachts over 24m are built and as many sold on the second-hand market.


Yacht life cycle: key role played by every stage

Every aspect is crucial, from construction to cleaning the yacht. New materials should be used like those which are bio-sourced,” says Laurent Pérignon who stresses the important role played by regulations in the Luxury Yachting sector. “Any company that manages to be a step ahead of regulations will have an advantage”.

In the current energy context, decarbonisation is only possible if investment decisions are motivated by an environmental conscience shared by all, hence the need to act together. Paris Baloumis, Marketing Director at shipyard Oceanco and Wim Verhoeff, its Project Manager Fleet Support, where the ambition is to develop and support the world’s most advanced and inspiring motor and sailing yachts, were among the speakers. “All owners want to make the right choice when it comes to sustainability. The only question is how far customers want to push the innovation envelope. Some like proven technologies, others want to drive the whole industry forward and try technologies that are still untested or unavailable. Either way, owners are now talking about sustainability and so are their children”.

Note that the most significant sustainability trend is to move away from fossil fuels.  Methanol and hydrogen belong in the new energy sources realm, once transformed into electricity to power the boat. A concrete example is Black Pearl where the owner’s goal was to be able to cross the Atlantic without using fossils fuels. “The boat was designed to be ready for the future. Currently, yachts can still use diesel because it is available all over the world. But if we look ahead to what it will be like in five or ten years, a new fuel will be viable and any newbuild yacht should be preparing for that scenario,” believes Wim Verhoeff.


On route to the Smart & Innovative Yacht Awards

With the aim being to promote young companies and improve production methods, this first edition gathers an ecosystem of all those involved who by working together will help fast-track use of innovative technologies to progress the goal of a future where sustainability, carbon neutrality and respect for biodiversity take centre stage. To this end, designers, owners, captains and shipyards join investors, startups, scaleups and innovation-focused companies to act together.

Those selected are referenced in an E-Catalogue with short presentations on their new solutions applicable to yachts. The ultimate aim of the process is to present a Smart Innovative Yacht Award on Friday 24th March for the most intelligent and eco-responsible solution in three categories (startups, scaleups and companies).

Alongside the main networking event is an exhibition area open to industry players, including shipyard representatives, architects and designers so they can meet companies offering applicable innovations across the board to the Luxury Yachting sector.

The highly original selection process to compete in the Smart & Innovative Yacht Awards comprises:

  • 20th February to 6th March, an international Jury of industrialists, yachting professionals and investors arrange one-to-one interviews with participants.
  • From 14th March, Jury deliberations decide the winners of the Smart Innovative Yacht Awards, presented on 24th March, during a Consensus Meeting.
  • 23rd and 24th March: the Monaco Smart Yacht Rendezvous with networking sessions in the form of workshops, presentations and an exhibition area.
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New event focused on Smart Yachts launched


New event focused on Smart Yachts launched

An industry in the throes of transforming, the Luxury Yacht sector is mobilising players who have already begun to make significant steps towards an environmental transition. Following success of its Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous, M3 (Monaco Marina Management), a Monegasque consultancy specialised in eco-marinas, wants to promote sustainable solutions for superyachts (yachts over 24m) by launching the first Monaco Smart Yacht Rendezvous. Under the aegis of the Monaco, Capital of Advanced Yachting approach, this networking event takes place 23-24 March 2023 at Yacht Club de Monaco during Monaco Ocean Week, culminating in the Smart Innovative Yacht Awards.

“It is imperative to involve the entire ecosystem to make it more virtuous by encouraging exchanges and bringing on innovations that can effect major changes to the industry. Today it’s a priority. It is estimated that on average yachts spend 80% of their time quayside and most of the rest of the 20% at anchor. Thanks to technology, new solutions are available. We started with infrastructures, the Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous (next one: 24-25 September 2023), and logic dictates that we continue with yachts as the two are inextricably linked,” says Jose Marco Casellini, CEO of M3.

First meeting between two ecosystems to initiate discussions

The rendezvous is supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Credit Suisse and the expertise of innovation for a sustainable economy specialist, Blumorpho. A first online session took place today, attended by Marc Hervás, Sustainability Coordinator at MB92, world leader for superyacht refits, repairs and maintenance committed to sustainable development and Laurent Perignon, yachting and new technologies consultant. A second session is scheduled for 12th January 2023 at 5.00pm, with Paris Baloumis, Group Marketing Director of constructor Oceanco whose ambition is to design, build and support the world’s most advanced and inspirational motor and sailing yachts.

End-to-end yacht life cycle innovations in the spotlight

To drive the energy transition, this networking event is an opportunity for owners and players in the industry to discover the technical challenges that need to be overcome and facilitate new partnerships, particularly in the circular economy. An ambition that is all the more necessary as the industry generates significant revenues: €8 billion today set to rise to €13 billion in 2030 (Source: Grand View Research). The whole life cycle will be addressed from R&D to usage, maintenance and finance. Topics up for discussion include new propulsion solutions, eco-friendly materials, optimising fuel consumption, water management, connectivity and security.

Unique participant selection process to foster synergies

The objective has multiple facets, not least the fact that naval architects, owners, captains and shipyards can learn, exchange and meet with investors, startups, scaleups and innovative companies. Those from the latter three groups are selected to participate and will appear in an E-Catalogue with a short presentation on their innovative solutions applicable to yachts. The ultimate aim of the process is to present a Smart Innovative Yacht Award for the most intelligent and most eco-responsible solution in three categories (Startups, Scaleups and Companies). These three awards will be announced at the end on Friday 24th March.


This original selection process to participate at the Smart Innovative Yacht Awards comprises:

  • From 20th February to 6th March: Interviews with Jury

One-to-one interviews between a Jury of industrialists, yachting professionals and investors with the Startups / Scaleups / Companies wanting to compete in these Smart Innovative Yacht Awards.

  • 17th March: Consensus Meeting

The Jury selects the winners of the Smart Innovative Yacht Awards, presented on 24th March 2023.

  • 23-24 March 2023: Monaco Smart Yacht Rendezvous with networking sessions in the form of workshops, presentations and an exhibition area.
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Monaco at the crossroads of innovations


2e Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous (25 & 26 September 2022)

  For the second year in a row, under the aegis of the collective Monaco, Capital of Advanced Yachting brand, Yacht Club de Monaco hosted the 2nd Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous. “For many years, Yacht Club de Monaco and its President HSH Prince Albert II have supported any action promoting sustainability in the yachting world. We need to act together and fast. YCM is a platform to present tangible solutions that can make a difference,” said Bernard d’Alessandri, President of Cluster Yachting Monaco and General Secretary of Yacht Club de Monaco. Organised by M3 (Monaco Marina Management), a consultancy specialised in development, management and promotion of marinas and yacht clubs, alongside Blumorpho, experts in innovation for sustainable business, and supported by Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Government’s digital transition programme Extended Monaco, Credit Suisse, Al-Rushaid Group, Bombardier, MB92 and Xerjoff, the meeting is unprecedented on every level. “We work to develop virtuous marinas to reduce the impact of human activity on the environment,” explains Jose Marco Casellini, CEO of M3. With 250+ players from across the ecosystem (industrialists, investors, innovators, marina developers, architects and yachting players) in attendance, for the candidates (50 startups, 20 marinas and architects from 26 nations) referenced in the E-Catalogue, it was an opportunity to present viable solutions to meet environmental challenges. “Startups present solutions, companies are there to hear them, marinas explain what they need and how to work better with them, and that’s not forgetting investors who are there to support the evolution. An environmental transition requires a multi-disciplinary approach and the best place to do that is here in the Principality,” says Géraldine A. Gustin, CEO of Blumorpho, which is behind the highly original networking process that takes several months to select startups.

Technology key to a joint commitment

“In my opinion there are two important notions. The first is the ‘Smart’ notion. Everything is Smart today. It allows us to turn a dream into reality. This is what can make the difference when it comes to sustainability. Being Smart means an end to waste. The second notion is that of a platform. Together we will build something bigger. We need people to invent and have a vision. Our presence here today is living proof of what we can do. Monaco is yachting and yachting is smart,” said Frédéric Genta, the Principality’s Chief Country Officer for Attractiveness and the Digital Transition


Convinced technology is a catalyst for change, Sheikh Rasheed Al Rushaid, Chairman and CEO of the Al-Rushaid Group underlined the significant impact everyone can make to the change: “It is our responsibility to utilise the technology assets we have to hand to move towards more eco-responsible yachting – for the planet, for the oceans and the new generation. To achieve this we need smart solutions executed intelligently to enable a project to develop”.


Protection and adaptability

As climate change bears down on the world, it is more important than ever to find a sustainable approach, the only way to promote the competitiveness of tourist destinations. Protecting these regions is therefore crucial, particularly for the economy as they account for nearly 50% of global tourism. “Today, there are hopeful signs of a reconciliation between Man and the oceans. We must make this transition happen to be its first beneficiaries. It is thanks to all players that we will see the benefits in the short-term,” began Olivier Wenden, Vice-President and CEO of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.

Reducing waste and pollutants, optimising water and energy resources, supporting startups working to produce materials capable of accelerating reef building and biodiversity in urbanised marine areas, or promoting systems to assess how they evolve over time, as well as fauna and flora, are all actions that will have a positive impact on future infrastructures. According to Oliver Withers, Global Head of Biodiversity at Credit Suisse: “The preservation and restoration of marine ecosytems is a critical pillar of global biodiversity. Through meaningful dialogue and investment in targeted conservation and sustainable yachting practices, we can best preserve our seas and oceans as long-term natural assets to be enjoyed by future generations.” After a first day focused on networking, the rendezvous continued the next morning with two round tables. Entitled ‘Business value brought by positive impact and sustainability’, the first session demonstrated the tangible value of the sustainable approach for a project. “It’s a long journey,” explained Nicolas Leterrier, VP Innovation at Schneider Electric, “we have to go concrete step by concrete step to achieve it. For me, data is one of the keys”. A comment shared by Sylvain Makaya, maritime funds at Eurazeo and Areti Priovolou, Health, Safety & Environment Officer at D-Marin who agreed adding “data influences decisions by investors”. The second round table, focused on the Blue Economy, gave the floor to a range of players in the yachting sector such as Marc Hervás, Head of Sustainability at MB92, a shipyard committed to sustainability and a source of employment in the Mediterranean, but also people like Ben Lesage from the Sustainable Ocean Alliance: “Our oceans are suffering; there are many challenges to overcome. You also need to free your creative mind and be inspired by nature”. This year there were also seven workshops to broaden the discussion among participants: optimising energy was among other topics that dominated debates, as was renewable energy


Designing sustainability in from the start

New this year were the contributions made by nine Marinas and nine Architects who presented their projects to an international jury chaired by the renowned British sailor Sir Robin Knox-Johnston and architect Jean-Michel Willmotte. “Monaco has a certain legitimacy. Between the architecture and the harbour, the city and the sea, it is one. It is as if Monaco set out to set an example; a source of inspiration for many other destinations. Above all a marina is a living space, a lively place where one can dream and enjoy life. We can see how the sketches and the design are very creative,” noted the famous French architect. The Norwegians from Snøhetta, whose semi-submerged building fits so well into its marine environment, its architecture symbolising the essence of a marina as a link between land and sea, won the 2022 International Smart & Sustainable Architecture ‘Coup de Cœur’ Award. Winners of the Architect category were the Austrians from NBAX and their project to rehabilitate an old shipyard in the town centre of Sanya, China. In the Marina category, the 2022 International Smart & Sustainable Marina Award went to the Greek FLISVOS Marina project. Their marina is like a model of a town where the architectural aesthetics are in total harmony with the surrounding marine environment. From mobility to optimising energy and water use with the territory and town, Flisvos Marina embraces a range of environmental goals. “This is a unique event to discover technology solutions required to develop marinas,” commented Stavros Katsikadis, CEO of Flisvos Marina. The 2022 International Smart & Sustainable Marina ‘Coup de Cœur’ Award has been given to Ra’anan Ben-Zur, CEO and developer of the HABACOA (Bahamas) project. The marina is 160 miles south of Florida on the main maritime route from USA to the Caribbean. Designed with the environment in mind, the marina makes every effort to protect south Habacoa’s biodiversity and pristine nature. The project will make full use of its 340 days of sunshine a year to meet a big proportion of its energy needs.


Finally, the much-anticipated 2022 International Smart & Sustainable Startup Award went to ECOncrete entered in the biodiversity category. The Israeli startup produces an innovative concrete for maritime constructions that enables them to store carbon and preserve biodiversity. “What an honour it is for us to get this prize, especially in the biodiversity category,” said a delighted Philippe Leblanc, European Sales Manager ECOncrete. “Our company developed and produces a unique bio-energy concrete technology designed to promote the marine environment and biodiversity with a range of options to help build responsible coastal and marine constructions. We are convinced we have a solution to help build the marinas of the future. It is therefore a real honour to have this opportunity to network with this amazing ecosystem”.


Feedback on experience

Two winners from the first edition were also at the rendezvous and keen to share their experience. Marco Calcamuggi – Director of Development and Innovation at H2X Ecosystem said of the event: “It really raised our company’s profile and helped us develop and find markets by giving as the opportunity to meet people from other countries like Egypt and Canada. We have started a programme with Québec to install our green energy production system with hydrogen generators to bring electricity to part of the port of Québec. So many things have happened since we got that award, not just in terms of visibility. We saw it was a genuine, very significant market opening up to us. It’s something we did not imagine happening before we took part in this event. It’s been incredible”. It was the same for Catherine de Roincé, CEO of Terroïko which came third at last year’s Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Awards:Since last year the Terroïko team has doubled and we have come up with solutions for marine ecosystems. We met so many people, including representatives from companies and investors. We will have concrete actions in the coming year”. With a total of 24 hours of networking, participants consolidated promises of collaboration to prepare budget plans and become part of the evolution taking place in yachting. Monaco is establishing itself as the true Capital of Advanced Yachting. In the continuity of marina event, the organisers now want to convene the entire ecosystem of boats on 23-24 March 2023 during the Monaco Ocean Week, for the first Monaco Smart & Sustainable Yacht Rendezvous.